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Made from ground, renewable coconut fibers sourced from plantations in tropical Asia, Exo Terra Plantation Soil Tropical Terrarium Substrate is all-natural and biodegradable. Its unique hygroscopic properties regulate the humidity level in the terrarium in a natural way, which makes it a completely safe ecological substrate for frogs, salamanders and other animals with burrowing and nesting behaviors.

Adequate humidity in the habitat promotes moulting in reptiles and helps prevent respiratory infections. Exo Terra Tropical Plantation Soil is ideal in tropical climate terrariums for moisture loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Thanks to its water retention capacity, its supply of natural rooting hormones and its antifungal properties, this substrate promotes the growth of plants in the terrarium.

The unique coir dust used to make Exo Terra Tropical Plantation Soil is composed of short fibers and coir peat that vary in size from coarse granules to fine clumps, a mixture that contributes to increased soil drainage and good aeration of the roots. The superior aeration of the substrate helps the growth of healthy organisms which reduces waste, which keeps the terrarium fresh and clean.

In addition, Exo Terra Tropical Plantation Soil is triple machine washed to remove any salt residue, then machine dried and heat treated to reduce bacterial contamination. Exo Terra Tropical Plantation Soil can also be used as an incubation medium due to its hygroscopic properties. Exo Terra® Tropical Plantation Soil is completely non-toxic, free of chemicals and pesticides, and safe to compost in your garden.

Main characteristics :

  • Perfect in tropical climate terrariums;
  • Ideal for naturally controlling the level of humidity in the air;
  • Nutritious for tropical plants;
  • Heat treated and odor reducing;
  • Machine washed three times;
  • Highly resistant to mold and rot;
  • Made from a renewable resource;
  • Safely compostable;
  • Coconut shell is ground, sieved, triple washed, machine dried and heat treated.