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The multi-piece waterfall is easy to clean, and includes a Repti Flo Exo Terra pump to ensure water circulation. Also, if you have small chameleons or frogs, it is best to put small pebbles or gravel in the terrarium as a safety measure.

Also, be sure to periodically remove organic waste from inside the terrarium to keep the water clean, and treat tap water with the Aquatize treatment to remove chlorine and heavy metal it contains.

Biotize helps keep water crystal clear over a long period of time, in addition to helping the proliferation of necessary beneficial bacteria and reducing odors caused by decomposing waste.

Main characteristics :

  • Encourages lizards to drink;
  • Increases humidity;
  • Integrates with any type of terrarium thanks to its natural appearance;
  • Is very stable, so large reptiles won’t be able to knock it over easily;
  • Includes pump;
  • Is easy to clean.