We want to be part of the solution.

Cats have many personalities and our friendly staff is here to help you choose the right one. We have plenty of advice, tips and suggestions to guide you in your choice.

You would like to adopt a cat?

  1. ConsultOur Photo Album: You can visit one of our 7 branches of Nature Pet Centers, open 7 days a week, or consultour photo album on Facebook to discover the wonderful cats available for adoption.
  2. Meet The Cats : All our cats come from shelters or abandonments. They have beenvaccinated, dewormed and microchipped, but also castrated and sterilized in order to fight against cat overpopulation. They are all ready to be loved and pampered. We invite you to come meet them in person at our branches.
  3. Adoption In-Store : Please note that no adoption can be done over the internet, via Facebook, or by telephone. To adopt, it is essential to contact the branch of your choice directly. This will also allow you to obtain more information about our adoption policies.