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The Exo Terra Reptile UVB200 compact fluorescent bulb emits the ideal spectrum of UVB rays for the optimal photosynthesis of vitamin D3. This bulb is specially designed to simulate the conditions needed by reptiles with very high UV requirements, such as diurnal reptiles living in the desert.

Desert environments receive direct unfiltered sunlight producing high levels of UVB rays. The considerably high efficiency index of vitamin D3 ensures its increased photosynthesis to aid in the absorption of calcium and to prevent metabolic diseases.

The prolonged penetration of UVB rays makes this bulb the ideal choice for tall terrariums or for terrariums with a tight mesh cover.

Main characteristics :

  • Bulb designed for reptiles with very high UV needs
  • Prevention of Metabolic Bone Disease
  • Perfect bulb for tall terrariums or for desert climate terrariums
  • Very high vitamin D3 yield index
  • Increased vitamin D3 photosynthesis
  • Optimization of calcium absorption
  • Increased penetration distance of UVB rays
  • Combination with the Natural Light compact fluorescent bulb or with the Reptile Vision compact fluorescent bulb to obtain an optimal luminous flux

Other format:

  • Exo Terra 13W Reptile UVB200 High Output CFL Light Bulb (PT2340)