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The Flex equipped aquarium not only offers a contemporary design with its rounded front wall, but also features a powerful multi-stage filtration system and an ingenious LED lighting fixture that allows you to customize multiple settings by means of a remote control.

Main characteristics :

  • 7500K LED light fixture promotes plant growth and enhances fish colors;
  • Dimmable white and tri-color RGB LED bulbs for colorful lighting games;
  • FLEXPad remote control to control fun special effects such as cloud cover and lightning;
  • Powerful three-stage filtration for optimal water quality;
  • Oversized filter media included: mechanical (foam), chemical (charcoal) and biological (Biomax);
  • Multi-directional dual outlet to customize water flow;
  • Hidden rear filter compartment;
  • Elegant dimple-like design concealing the water line and rear compartment;
  • Opening located on the top of the aquarium facilitating feeding;
  • Innovative curved glass front wall;
  • Freshwater aquariums only.