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The AquaClear 20 Motor Filter features a multi-stage filtration system that performs all three types of filtration—mechanical, chemical, and biological—integrally for superior water quality.

This filter generates a filtration volume up to seven times greater than that of other competitive brands, while also extending the contact time with the filter media. In addition, the filter preserves beneficial bacteria, which creates a stress-free environment for pond inhabitants and keeps the water clear.

Its unique design incorporating a waterfall lets the filtered water flow into the aquarium silently, and gently breaks the surface of the water while producing beneficial oxygenation.

The filter’s patented adjustment control offers the possibility of adjusting the water flow according to the particular needs of each aquarium. While the media basket prevents water from bypassing them, maximizing filtration efficiency.

Installation and maintenance are quick, easy and convenient. The filter includes AquaClear filter foam, activated carbon and Bio Max.

The AquaClear range offers a variety of filter media such as Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Neutralizer, designed exclusively for the AquaClear 20 engine filter.

The AquaClear 20 motor filter is ideal for aquariums from 18 to 76 L (5 to 20 US gal) in capacity.

Maximum flow rate: 378 L/h (100 US gal/h)

Other formats:

  • AquaClear 30 Motor Filter, 114 L (30 US gal) (A600)
  • AquaClear 50 Motor Filter, 189 L (50 US gal) (A610)
  • AquaClear 70 Motor Filter, 265 L (70 US gal) (A615)
  • AquaClear 110 Motor Filter, 416 L (110 US gal) (A620)