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The Edge aquarium offers a bold style thanks to its upper wall which ensures a unique visual experience, which is enhanced by the new LED lighting twice as powerful as that of the previous generation.

Main characteristics :

  • Built-in 6500K LED lighting system replicates natural sunlight and promotes optimal plant growth and vibrant fish colors;
  • LED bulbs diffuse light over 120° to ensure wide coverage of the illuminated area;
  • Touch switch for daytime or nighttime LED lighting;
  • Compatibility with a timer (sold separately);
  • Multi-stage filtration with adjustable flow;
  • Mechanical, chemical and biological filter media included;
  • Ventilated lid to dissipate heat effectively;
  • Quick access door for feeding;
  • Raised base offset giving the impression of a floating bin.

Included :

  • Six-panel sealed glass bin, with cover, base and back column;
  • Integrated LED lighting system;
  • Aquarium filter with filter media;
  • Water Treatment, 30ml;
  • Biological enhancer, 2 x 30 ml;
  • Manual.