Operated only through the free FluvalSmart mobile app, the Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light lets you control the light output of 6500K tri-color (red, green and blue) and super bright white LED bulbs, and thus creating colorful lighting effects.

Main characteristics :

  • 24-hour cycle of programmable progressive lighting (gradual sunrise, daylight, dusk and night);
  • Adjustable color spectrum with RGB+W LED bulb lighting control;
  • Multiple Weather Effects: Whether it’s lightning storms or dense cloud cover, it’s possible to recreate the seasonal weather systems of beautiful natural aquatic habitats from all over the world;
  • Industry-leading IP67 rating allows the light bar to be installed directly above the water surface for optimal light penetration;
  • Enlarged shape and surface of the switch and providing stable control without difficulty;
  • Full Coverage: Each LED bulb provides 120° light spread to ensure very wide and even coverage of the illuminated area, with no dark spots.