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Since reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded animals, they often use surfaces heated by the sun to keep warm in their natural habitat. Exo Terra Substrate Heating Pad continuously simulates these sun-heated surfaces.

Exo Terra Heat Pad is an ideal primary or secondary heat source for reptile and amphibian species from tropical or temperate climates. It is also essential as a source of heat at night for many species from the desert.

The heating pad sticks firmly and permanently to the terrarium, allowing optimal heat transfer. In addition, it can be used with Exo Terra thermostats and with additional heat sources to suit species that require very high temperatures.

Main characteristics :

  • Perfectly suitable for all glass terrariums;
  • Can be installed under the terrarium or on its walls;
  • Provides conductive heat to reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and plants;
  • Contributes to thermoregulation which is important for the metabolism, digestion, appetite and activities of animals;
  • Provides safe and even heat distribution.

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