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The Living World Equipped Cage for Cockatiels contains everything you need to raise this type of pet bird: cage with removable tray for easy cleaning, perches, swing, food and water troughs, food for cockatiels, honey sticks, cuttlebone with attachment, toys and bunch millet.

No tools required; just put it together and you’re ready to go!

Dimensions of the cage: 61 x 33 x 67 cm (24 x 13 x 26.4 in)

Main characteristics :

  • Complete habitat for cockatiels, finches and canaries.
  • Cage equipped free of lead and zinc and equipped with a removable tray for easy cleaning, perches, a swing, water and food troughs, food for cockatiels, healthy and delicious sticks of triple-cooked honey and inducing the birds to engage in foraging behavior and thereby keeping them active, cuttlebone with tether, toys and bunch millet.