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Vision Bird Habitats have many revolutionary features that set them apart from regular cages which most often come with a drawer that doesn’t allow for proper waste collection and complicates maintenance.

The Vision cage’s drawerless design simplifies cleaning by simply detaching the top of the cage and disposing of the waste contained in the base. The maintenance of the cage is therefore quick and does not create any damage, thus making the company of your bird more pleasant. The deep base can accommodate different types of litter, while the raised edges inside help air circulation and prevent mould.

In addition, the troughs are accessible from the outside, without having to reach into the cage, which limits the stress suffered by the birds during maintenance. Plus, multi-grip perches promote movement and help prevent leg problems. These ready-to-assemble cages assemble in five minutes thanks to a snap-fit system.

Contents: 2 waste guards, 2 buckets and 2 perches

Vision cages are sold in a variety of sizes and offer the choice of narrow or wide mesh. Recommendations for species to keep are based on the birds’ natural behaviors and not their size.

This small cage is suitable for budgies, canaries, and finches.