Combi 2

Dimension: 79,5 x 29,5 x h 26,3 cm

Combi 2 is a hamster cage that combines comfort with fun and exercise! It is made of plastic with a transparent roof and has a useful mesh grid on top to ensure internal ventilation, which is also guaranteed by the special slots on the side walls. Connected to the cage, you will find Gym, a real gym that will allow your hamster to keep fit.
Thanks to the clips on the sides, the bottom can be completely detached from the top, a simple action that makes cleaning quick and easy.
Combi 2, like many other rodent cages made by Ferplast, is a modular habitat and is, therefore, designed for the connection of tubes or other accessories. Have fun creating new paths and play areas!

The ideal habitat for lively small pets
Includes one extra exercise habitat, Gym
Ready to be connected to tubes or other modular habitats
Ensures maximum internal ventilation thanks to the wire net top and side holes
Removable base for easy cleaning
Accessories included

Reg. $89.99
Liam $79.99