Dimension: 46 x 29,5 x h 37,5 cm

Laura Decor is a hamster cage with a decorated plastic base and a painted wire mesh structure. The gloss finish of the decorations is guaranteed by the use of special technology that makes them both washable and durable.
There are accessories inside, including a nest, a feeder, a drinking bottle and a plastic wheel, as well as transparent tubes inside which your little rodent can run and have fun. A useful plastic shelf attached to the mesh allows you to create an area in which your little friend can relax.
The habitat can be cleaned in a flash, thanks to the possibility of detaching the base. As for the decorations, you can keep them looking impeccable, simply by cleaning them with water and mild soap.

Ideal habitat for lively hamsters
Nice decorations, washable and long-lasting
Ready to be connected to tubes or external living modules.
Includes accessories and tubes for hamsters’ exercise

Reg. $84.99
Spec. $74.99