F57062414 Furet XL

Dimension: 80 x 75 x h 86,5 cm

Furet Extra Large is a ferret cage with a painted wire mesh structure and a base, a frame and columns on the sides made of plastic. There are large opening doors on the roof and at the front, allowing access for minor cleaning operations. Accessories included: an angular toilet for ferrets, a plastic feeder, a drinking bottle, plastic shelves with a ladder, a nice ferret hammock with a metal chain for attaching it to the cage. There are also plastic tubes for your little friend to play with inside the habitat. Thes can be , which can be hung up and used to connect the various levels inside the cage. Furat Extra Large can be cleaned in an instant, thanks to its fully detachable base.

Wide living room
Removable base for easy cleaning
Complete with special ferret accessories
Save space packaging

Reg. $349.99
Spec. $229.99