F57054070 Cavie 80

Dimension: 77 x 48 x h 42 cm

Cavie 80 is a guinea pig cage with recently designed opening and closing fasteners to ensure your pet greater safety. The habitat features a large plastic base with a painted wire mesh structure. Inside, you will find a comfortable little house for guinea-pigs, a drinking bottle and a plastic feeder. Cavie 80 is easy to take care of and clean and has a door that can be opened completely. When needed, the base can be fully detached. Cavie 80 also has the Save Space trademark. It has a metal stand with wheels, which is available as an optional.
If you are interested in a more original and colourful version, Cavie 80 Decor may be what you are looking for.

Full opening front door
Safe and easy opening system
Removable base for easy cleaning
Accessories included
Save space packaging

Reg. $94.99
Spec. $84.99