Max 6

Dimension: 53 x 165 cm

Max 6 is a beautiful parrot cage. It has a round base, is very spacious and comes with a plastic stand. The finish in brass-coated wire mesh goes well with the dark base, which is equipped with two dirt-collecting trays. Max 6 comes complete with specific accessories for parrots, including a wooden perch, a metal swing and two large plastic feeders that can be used either for food or water. Max 6 also has a padlock, to ensure your parrot the maximum safety.

Within the range of cages for parrots, besides Max 6, there are also other types of habitat with square or rectangular bases, like Max 4, Max 10 or Max 12.

Specific for parrots
Mde of brass-plated wire net
Rounded wide base
Removable trays for easy cleaning
Special accessories included.

Reg. $369.99
Spec. $329.99