Ibiza Open

Dimension: 49,5 x 30 x h 69 cm

Thanks to Ibiza Open, canaries and exotic birds can have some moments of freedom: this birdcage has a rectangular base and a door at the front that can be opened up completely and has a perch. When necessary, this opening is especially useful for daily care and cleaning, or if you need to give your little friends some fresh vegetables. Thanks to the Brava 2 removable swivel feeders, it is easy to feed your birds from the outside. Ibiza Open cages also have rubber-coated plastic perches, a drinking bottle, a food clip, a feeder for mash, a swing and mirror toy.
The sturdy plastic base comes complete with a removable tray, making cleaning quick and easy.

Ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds
Particular front opening system with perch
Large base with removable tray for easy cleaning
Carrying handle
Accessories included

Reg. $149.99
Spec. $129.99